SociableKIT release notes: January 31, 2021

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Instagram stories solution: Under the Basic tab, you may now upload a placeholder photo. This photo will be displayed if there is no Instagram story available.
  • YouTube live solution: When creating this solution, a YouTube API key field is now required. For the tutorial, you can click the “What’s this?” link near the label.
  • Facebook group posts solution: We’ve added the Moderation tab. Under this new tab are the excluded posts and pre-approval features.
  • Instagram stories solution: Under the Text tab, a new feature called “Custom text if no story found.” was added. The custom text will be displayed if there is no Instagram story available.
  • YouTube playlists solution: Under the Playlist tab, we added the “Show hover” effect option. Once checked, it will show a hover effect on the thumbnail where the user’s mouse hovers.
  • Facebook page events solution: We’ve added a new checkbox option called “Show canceled events” under the Feed tab. If checked, it will show canceled events on the feed.
  • LinkedIn page posts and LinkedIn profile posts solution: Shared post links are now clickable.
  • YouTube playlist solution: When creating this solution, the playlist ID is now auto retrieved when pasting a valid URL.
  • Vimeo user solution: Under the Video Item tab, we’ve added the option “Date format” to customize the date displayed in the feed. Thanks to Kristina of Benedictine Schools of Richmond for requesting this feature!
  • Facebook page playlist videos solution: The features “Popup Background Color”, “Popup Font Color”, “Popup Link Color” now have its own tab called “Popup”.
  • Facebook page playlist videos solution: We’ve added the following color options: Popup background color, Popup font color, and Popup link color.


  • Medium post solution: Under the Post tab, we’ve added a “Character limit” option. Once set, a “Read more” link will appear in the feed. It is linked to the full article on the Medium website.
  • Facebook page events solution: When a canceled event was displayed, there is now a “strikethrough” at the event title to emphasize that it is a canceled event.
  • Facebook page live video solution: Using Pixel 4 device on the Chrome browser, the small horizontal line that is showing during Live is now removed. Thanks to Fr. Daniel of Holy Name of Mary Catholic Chapel for requesting this improvement.
  • YouTube live video solution: Like and comment icons will not be displayed any more if there are 0 likes and 0 comments.
  • Facebook page playlist solution: We make the video playlist and video thumbnails rectangular. Video titles are now under the thumbnails.
  • YouTube playlists solution: Options under the Playlists tab are now checked by default.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: If the pre-defined keyword is not found, there is now a message on the feed saying “No posts with “[search keyword]”.
  • Instagram feed solution: Added a line-height to profile information so there won’t be a lot of space. And the left and right sides of the feed have now equal spacing.
  • Facebook page video solution: The profile picture and page name are now aligned. Spaces on profile information are now reduced. Slider arrows are now more viewable.
  • Google play reviews solution: Shadow effect on boxes are now applied in the review items.
  • Facebook page about solution: Clicking the “Like us on Facebook” button will now show the About page on Facebook.
  • Facebook group posts solution: Special characters on posts are now supported.
  • YouTube channel solution: On macOS using Safari 14, the title, subscribe button, and search box are now consistently aligned. Thanks to customer Kevin for requesting this improvement.
  • Facebook page events solution: The event address is now clickable and linked to Google map
  • Twitter feed solution: On mobile view, the profile details are now centered.


  • Facebook page videos solution: Fixed an issue where the layout is broken after using the search box.
  • YouTube playlists (multiple playlists) and Facebook page playlist solutions: Fixed an issue when you double click a thumbnail, the video is duplicated.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: Unnecessary border on the Next and Prev buttons on the Carousel layout when hovered is now removed.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue when using Carousel layout and JavaScript embed code, the Character limit feature is not working properly. Thanks to customer Janet of FCC Litched filed for reporting this issue!
  • Google reviews solution: The color of the review items now matches the color of the selected theme.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: The carousel autoplay feature under the Carousel tab is now working.
  • Google my business profile solution: All color options are now working. The unwanted horizontal scrollbar is now removed. We also fixed an issue where it does not display a certain type of Google place. Thanks to customer Justan of Eca Detailing company for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook group event (one event) solution: The link hover color that is not being applied to the feed is now fixed.
  • LinkedIn page post solution: Fixed an issue where “Follow” and “Visit website” button is cut off on the upper left corner of the customer’s website. Thanks to customer David of Infinite Brilliance UK for reporting this issue!
  • YouTube channel solution: On the carousel layout, when using Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers, the next and previous buttons are now placed on the center.

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business. Thank you for using SociableKIT!