SociableKIT release notes: July 31, 2019

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page posts solution: For the Slider layout, we added the Autoplay and Delay options. They can be found under the Slider tab. If the Autoplay option was checked, it will automatically scroll your post slides. The Delay option allows you to specify the duration before it goes to the next slide. Thanks to Todd of DDS Mail for requesting this feature.
  • Instagram feed solution: We added a new “Open link in new tab” option under the “Posts” tab. Once checked, it will open the post on, else, it will open the post on a pop-up. Thanks to Joe of Smartek Systems for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: The “Masonry” layout option is now available. This option can be found on the “Layout” drop-down under the “Reviews” tab.
  • Facebook page events solution: We added a new “Show venue only” option under the “Event item” tab. If checked, only your event venue will be shown as the location of your events. Thanks to Adam of Oz Clubbers AU for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page events solution: Displaying multiple dates into one even item on the “List” view is now available. Try to check the “Merge recurring events” option under the “Event item” tab. This is applicable only to events that are recurring.


  • Facebook page events solution: On the tablet view, the date picker now does not have a width of 100% and still positioned in the upper left side of the feed.
  • YouTube channel and playlists solution: The dark shade on videos has been removed. The video’s pop-up is now perfectly centered in the middle of the page.
  • SociableKIT user account: When you cancel your subscription, there’s now a drop-down to select a reason for cancellation. This will help us improve SociableKIT services.
  • Google reviews solution: Google place name is now placed inside the review badge. Thanks to Mats of Faltbutiken SE for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page events solution: If the “Merge recurring events” option under the “Event item” tab was checked, the feed now displays the first three event dates. This applies to recurring events in the list view. On the pop-up, it now displays all the other upcoming events if it exists.


  • Facebook page photo album solution: We fixed an issue where image post caption is missing and the image on pop up is not scroll-able.
  • Google reviews solution: The review dates showing “2019 years ago” are now fixed. It now shows the correct review dates. Thanks to Chris of White Eagle for reporting this issue.
  • Google reviews solution: We fixed an issue where a long business name is not showing completely. Thanks to Rat of Les Nuisibles de l’Atlantique for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue where the deleted posts were still being displayed on the feed. Thanks to Lukas of Sunrise for reporting this issue.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: The Internet Explorer 11 web browser is now supported. Thanks to Prasad of Yahoo Co for reporting this issue.

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