SociableKIT release notes: November 15, 2019


  • Instagram feed solution: Options for customizing the pop-up are now available. You can use color pickers for Pop-up background color, font color, and link color under the “Posts” tab.
  • Facebook page events solution: You may now customize the link of the “Get Tickets” button! Check the “Default ticket link” option under the “Event Item” tab. Thanks to Chris of Long Drive Agency for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page events solution: On the dashboard, the pop-ups for “excluded events” and “pre-approved posts” now have borders. It events data now has better separation.
  • Facebook page events solution: Option to show or hide the box-shadow of your event item is now available. This option can be found under the “Event item” tab. Thanks to Matthew Lowe of Check One Two company for requesting this feature.
  • Twitter feed solution: You may now hide or show the date of your post! Check the “Show post date” option under the “Posts” tab.


  • YouTube channel solution: Channel description is now full width in tablet view.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Posts that have more than one image are now cropped to a square. It looks better than a stretched image.
  • Google calendar solution: Chinese characters are now supported.
  • Facebook page posts solution: For album-type of posts, once clicked, it will show a pop-up and the images are now presented in a slider format.
  • Instagram feed solution: The Russian characters are now supported.


  • Twitter feed solution: We fixed issues where it shows incorrect post date and profile image. The arrow slider feature is now working properly too. Thanks to Guo Wei Chow of Resorts World Genting for requesting this improvement.
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed a bug where feed is showing old events and not upcoming events. Thanks to Vibeke of Tholstrup for reporting this issue.
  • Twitter feed solution: Fixed an issue where the date text below the username is showing an “Undefined” text.
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue where the “Event details font color” feature is not working properly on the event date and time text display.
  • Twitter feed solution: Fixed an issue where the custom date format setting is not working correctly.