SociableKIT release notes: November 16, 2017

  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – UTC dates in iCal feeds, calendar apps can adjust the date and time more accurately based on user’s timezone.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – you can ‘Add to page’ an event from another Facebook page. You don’t have to be a co-host to show it on your website.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – show an error message if Facebook page is not public.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – removed “end of posts” text. If “load more” button is gone, it means there are no posts to load.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – remove @ sign when Facebook page has no username.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – clickable link on bio and video description on pop up.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – Facebook options on video pop up.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed, Twitter feed, Facebook page reviews – increased padding for each post to be more readable.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed – playable YouTube video, no need to go to YouTube to play the video.
  • Enhancement: Instagram hashtag feed – info message if hashtag word does not have posts.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page photo album – info message if Facebook page is not public.
  • Enhancement: YouTube channel – info message if YouTube channel does not exist.
  • Enhancement: YouTube playlist – info message if YouTube playlist does not exist.
  • New Feature: Instagram feed – option to show or hide post hover. See “Posts” tab > “Show post hover” checkbox
  • New Feature: Facebook page events – calendar Danish translation
  • New Feature: Dropdown option to show your custom feed list by type. See the option near “Create custom feed” button.
  • Fixed: Instagram hashtag feed – post pop up next and previous buttons is not circle on some websites.
  • Fixed: YouTube channel feed, Facebook page video – video title on pop up has incorrect line-height.
  • Fixed: Facebook page videos – like button not working when Facebook page has no username.
  • Fixed: Facebook page videos – custom CSS not working

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Our website of the week is!


This website is about living the mobile lifestyle in various converted vans and RV’s. I personally think Justin’s lifestyle is cool. I want to experience living in an RV even for a few days. used several DSM custom feed solutions, including YouTube channel feed, Facebook page feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed.

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