Client Profile

A professional website developer, Anna, works for PINPOOLS, a Chemical Procurement company that wants its LinkedIn updates embedded in its website. Understanding the importance of online communication and engagement, Anna wanted to find a solution to help her client while simplifying her work.


She faced one common problem that all professional website developers encounter: finding an easy way to embed a LinkedIn feed in their website. Anna already went out of her way to search the internet on how to embed LinkedIn feeds, and she found time-consuming traditional methods. She wasn’t satisfied and still wanted to search for an easy way.


After browsing for so long, Anna found SociableKIT and its feature of embedding social media platforms into a website, and what caught her eye was its’ LinkedIn Update feed. With SociableKIT’s features, she found the easiest way to embed her client’s LinkedIn Update feed, enhancing the website’s presence, engagement, and visibility. It exceeded her expectations and gave her more than she wanted.


SociableKIT’s user friendly UI and seamless integration saved her a lot of time. PINPOOLS’ online presence flourished as their LinkedIn activity became readily accessible on their website. This enhanced visibility led to increased customer engagement and interaction. Anna’s satisfaction was further elevated by the prompt and thorough support provided by SociableKIT’s team.

Client Review

“Good tool, it made our life easier. Simple integration and easy to set up. We use the widget ‘LinkedIn Page Posts’. So far, I’m happy with everything. I also want to praise the fast and full online support!” – Anna, PINPOOLS


SociableKIT was the perfect solution for Anna and PINPOOLS’ social media integration needs. Along with its seamless integration process and user friendly UI and widgets, SociableKIT was able to help Anna showcase her clients LinkedIn updates on their website. Enhanced online presence, Increased customer engagement, and saved time are the results of using SociableKIT to help PINPOOLS’ website.

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