Client Profile

The brains behind Jacobs Grant Design, Sue Jacobs Grant, is a model of an established designer with a successful firm. With over thirty years of experience, she has refined her abilities in various design contexts, from complex urban planning to customized residential projects. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Sue is passionate about what she does and committed to ensuring her clients are happy. She proudly established her design practice in Columbus after graduating from The Ohio State University.


The problem she encountered was one that many website owners met: she needed to show off Houzz reviews on her site without forcing users to click on outside links. She was excited to show off her excellent reviews to potential clients. Still, she soon discovered that the integrated reviews on her website unintentionally sent visitors back to Houzz, where they were linked. Sue needed an answer that would keep people returning to her website and properly highlighting her priceless Houzz reviews.


Sue was saved by SociableKIT with an excellent solution. She got total control over how her reviews displayed on her website by adding SociableKIT’s Houzz Reviews widget. With the help of Sociablekit, she was able to easily import and display her Houzz reviews while removing any unwanted external links. Her expectations were surpassed by the team’s personal touch and quick reaction, which made her website user experience seamless and interesting for her visitors.


For Sue, the outcomes were fantastic. By integrating SociableKIT’s Houzz Reviews widget, she not only fixed the redirection issue on her website but also completely changed her online appearance. Now, her visitors had a flawless online experience as they perused the positive Houzz customer evaluations while still on her website.

Client Review

“The customer service at SociableKIT is pretty amazing. I added a SociableKIT widget to my new website to import my Houzz reviews and noticed that the imported reviews linked back to Houzz if clicked on – not what I had in mind for my new website. So, I took the chance that the little ‘chat’ help box on the SociableKIT website would be able to help me out. Not only were the people that responded real people, but they were kind and helpful and responsive – and within a day their engineer team actually added a checkbox to their widget to disable the links. Wow, that is service that I had not expected. Building my own website isn’t the easiest for me but this special touch of personal interaction made my day.” – Sue Jacobs Grant


The best option for Sue Jacobs Grant turned out to be SociableKIT. She overcame the difficulty of directing people from her website and gave them a smooth and interesting experience by using the Houzz Reviews widget. Sue’s website is now a reliable platform that successfully displays her Houzz reviews, demonstrating the effectiveness of SociableKIT in meeting her unique demands.

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