Client Profile

Cansin Sahin, representing Arslantürk, embodies the essence of a thriving business owner in the heart of Cankaya, Turkey. With a rich history dating back to 1950, Arslantürk stands as a cornerstone of the hazelnut processing and export industry, a testament to Cansin’s dedication and vision.

With a workforce ranging from 200 to 500 employees, Arslantürk is a significant player in its sector, fostering economic growth in the region. Cansin, like many entrepreneurs, was seeking innovative ways to enhance his online presence.


Cansin had a common issue that many website owners encounter: maintaining users’ interest and knowledge. Arslantürk, a processor and exporter of hazelnuts, found it difficult to incorporate their LinkedIn page updates onto their website promptly.

Businesses that want to keep an active online presence and provide their audience with new content but don’t want to clutter their website with complicated solutions can relate to this problem. The ideal answer was supplied by SociableKIT’s widgets, which met the widespread demand for an easy-to-use, lightweight, and effective method of displaying social network feeds on websites.


SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Post feed widget proved to be the magic wand for Cansin Sahin and Arslantürk. This ingenious widget seamlessly integrated Arslantürk’s LinkedIn posts into their website, creating a visually appealing and engaging experience for visitors.

What’s truly amazing is that this integration was accomplished effortlessly, perfectly aligning with the website’s design without adding any unnecessary load. SociableKIT’s widget solved the age-old problem of balancing website performance and dynamic content delivery, leaving Cansin and his audience amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this innovative solution.


For Cansin Sahin and Arslantürk, integrating SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Post feed widget produced awe-inspiring results. Their website now features a smooth integration that increases user happiness and engagement.

The site continues to operate at peak efficiency with little impact on resources. The lively and current LinkedIn updates fascinate visitors, encouraging more engagement and attention. Cansin’s good experience makes a lasting impact by highlighting the widget’s user-friendliness and the exceptional support provided by the SociableKIT team.

Client Review

“I was looking for a solution to stream social networks while creating a website for my client. I came across SociableKIT, quickly signed up and created my first widget. It really fits right into the website I created. It did not put any load on the site I built. I was very pleased to work with a great team and their excellent platform. Best!” – Cansin Sahin


Ultimately, the success story of Cansin Sahin using SociableKIT demonstrates the exceptional efficacy of this platform in meeting the urgent requirements of companies such as Arslantürk. A hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing solution was provided by the LinkedIn Page Post feed widget, which smoothly integrated social network content into their website.

Cansin’s experience proves SociableKIT’s ability to improve user engagement, sustain peak website performance, and produce insightful content. SociableKIT is the ideal option for anyone looking for a quick and easy approach to engaging with their online audience while maintaining a professional appearance.

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