Question: Is your Facebook page events solution works?

Answer: Yes. Our solution works but with limited data. This is because of recent Facebook issues as you may have heard in the news. More data will come back once Facebook API is fully working again.


Question: When will the Facebook API work at full strength again?

Answer: Facebook gives us a vague ETA on this. When we first reached out, they said 5-7 business days.  Now, they are saying “soon” or “in the coming weeks”.

I’m sure the Facebook API will come back, I just can’t say exactly when.


Question: Which data can you get from my Facebook page and display on my website?

Answer: Temporarily, Facebook gives us very limited data. What we have for now are:

1. Event name
2. Event start date and time
3. Event location
4. Event host with link
5. Event image (200 x 200 pixels for events on the list, high quality for recurring events)
6. One-time events
7. Recurring events (Will show only the first two dates)
9. Upcoming events (past events is temporarily disabled)
10. Upcoming events in calendar view


Question: How often do you update the events feed?

Answer: Our system updates all the events feed every 24 hours. Usually between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM PHT. We can sync your feed upon request as well. Our system needs to take a break every Sunday PHT.


Question: Event image shown in blurry, cropped and small. How to fix this?

Answer: Unfortunately, Facebook gives us very limited data including the small event image (200 x 200 pixels). If you choose to hide the event image, you can un-check the “Show event image” option in the “Event item” tab.


Question: The event item shows the FB page’s profile photo instead of the event image. Why?

Answer: It means Facebook does not supply the correct event image. What you can do is try to re-upload the event image. Another option is to set a generic event image that will be displayed on cases like this. We can help you do it.


Question: Some customization options are not working. Why?

Answer: This is because of the limited data Facebook provides. Once Facebook API comes back, all the customization options will work.


Question: Why multiple Facebook page ID’s in one events feed is no longer working?

Answer: According to the new Platform Policy Section 3 Number 11: Don’t put Facebook data in a search engine or directory, or include web search functionality on Facebook.

According to the new Facebook API documentation, you will not be able to use a Facebook page that you do not own or manage. A Page access token will be required to view data from a Facebook page. This Page access token can be retrieved only if you own or manage a Facebook page.

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