Client Profile

Introducing Lonnie Teter, the proprietor of Eugene, Oregon-based WDA Movers LLC. Not only is Lonnie a business owner, but he also has experience with the difficulties of managing a moving firm in a highly competitive marketplace. Lonnie is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and guaranteeing regulatory compliance, and he works hard to make every customer’s transfer easy and stress-free.


Getting client feedback up on their website effectively was one of his challenges. While manually managing and publishing evaluations might be time-consuming, creating credibility and trust in the competitive transportation sector is crucial. To showcase their exceptional customer service and dependability, Lonnie required a solution that would allow them to effortlessly incorporate genuine customer reviews into their web platform.


The Google Reviews widget from SociableKIT offered Lonnie an incredible fix. With only a few clicks, Lonnie created an interactive hub of inspirational testimonies on their website by seamlessly integrating honest client feedback. SociableKIT made showing reviews easier with its intuitive UI and fast setup process, which saved Lonnie plenty of time and work.


Lonnie Teter and WDA Movers LLC saw incredible results in integrating SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget. Lonnie’s online credibility and trust significantly increased, and potential clients were met with a smooth display of genuine customer reviews on their website. WDA Movers LLC’s web presence was enhanced by the widget’s polished appearance and simple integration, which increased traffic and conversion rates.

Client Review

“Great customer service response time. Great product… FREE & took about 3 minutes real time. They also provide all kinds of different options such as Facebook Widget or what I got: a Google Review Widget for my business. So easy I could go on and on. 100 stars out of 5 ” – Lonnie Teter


SociableKIT was the best option for Lonnie Teter and WDA Movers LLC to showcase client testimonials smoothly. SociableKIT increased WDA Movers’ online credibility and dependability by integrating genuine testimonials into their website. This increased traffic and conversion rates. Lonnie’s story demonstrates how SociableKIT works to help organizations meet the crucial necessity of easily showcasing social evidence.

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