Client Profile

Amanda Mummert is a non-profit worker working for the Down Syndrome Association of Maryland and a committed employee who gives her all to change the lives of others. The Down Syndrome Association of Maryland symbolizes the spirit of those who work to make the world a better, healthier, and more accepting place for those with Down syndrome. In pursuing her admirable goal, she knows the need for affordability and efficiency.


She had to deal with a problem that many organizations with limited resources encounter regularly: how to manage and promote events properly. Due to time constraints and a tiny staff, Amanda found keeping the event information consistent on their website and social media accounts challenging.

In addition to taking up valuable time, manually replicating event details ran the danger of mistakes that could mislead their audience. The issue was evident: they needed a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to display and synchronize event information from their Facebook page to their website.


Amanda found that SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Events widget was a breakthrough answer to her problems. She could easily show the most recent event details on their website with a few clicks, eliminating the need for human data entry. Because of the widget’s synchronization, Amanda avoided mistakes that would have led their audience astray by ensuring correctness and uniformity.


Amanda used SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Events widget and saw incredible results. Cuts in the time allowed for allocating important hours to more critical tasks. Errors were eliminated, guaranteeing the audience a flawless experience.

The widget’s cost-effectiveness matched their budget, making it an economical option for a nonprofit. Above all, the organization’s web presence grew as they quickly posted events on their website, expanding their audience and advancing their goal of making Maryland a happier, healthier, and more inclusive place for people with Down syndrome.

Client Review

“I’m really grateful for the affordable Facebook > Squarespace widget from SociableKIT. It has saved me so much time, and from making errors trying to post the same information in different places.” – Amanda Mummert


For Amanda Mummert and the Down Syndrome Association of Maryland, SociableKIT was the perfect solution. This easy-to-use widget successfully resolved Their urgent event administration problem, which provided a seamless and reasonably priced means of syncing and displaying event details from Facebook to their website.

Unquestionably, there were benefits: less time lost, fewer mistakes made, lower expenses, and improved internet visibility.

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