Client Profile

Meet Devender Singh, the creative force behind PearlsnPretties, a budding accessory brand based in Delhi, India. Devender’s brand offers high-quality earring accessories that resonate with fashion-conscious individuals seeking unique and stylish adornments.

PearlsnPretties understands the importance of making a lasting impression in the accessories industry and while on a mission to bring exquisite earrings and ring accessories, they are more committed to showcasing their products to the world.


Devender encountered a common problem many website owners face. His challenge was seamlessly integrating his Instagram feed with his website. Today, where social media is essential for attracting and retaining clients, Devender wanted to highlight his premium earring accessories on his website with his most recent Instagram images.

Finding a user-friendly way to close this gap between his website and Instagram profile, nevertheless, proved to be difficult for him. This problem made it more difficult for him to maintain a lively and visually appealing web presence, essential for drawing in and keeping clients in the cutthroat accessories market.


SociableKIT’s Instagram feed widget came to the rescue with an elegant and efficient solution. This widget seamlessly integrated Devender’s Instagram feed into his website, transforming it into a dynamic and visually captivating platform.

With SociableKIT’s user-friendly interface, Devender effortlessly created a customized widget that blended seamlessly with his website’s aesthetics with the help of SociableKIT’s customer support team who guided him into integrating the Instagram widget into his website.


His website had a dramatic makeover, becoming more lively and exciting. The widget included his Instagram feed in a fluid manner, captivating visitors with its display of superior earring accessories. His website’s aesthetic appeal increased as the device upheld the integrity of its brand.

Devender saved time and work by having the widget automatically update his website with his most recent Instagram postings. These advantages helped PearlsnPretties improve its internet presence and attract more clients in the cutthroat accessories market.

Client Review

“I had been struggling to add an Instagram widget to my website for a while, and I couldn’t find a solution on my own. Fortunately, I came across this company, and they were an absolute lifesaver! Now, my website looks more dynamic and engaging with the Instagram feed seamlessly integrated. I’m extremely satisfied with their prompt and effective service. Thank you, SociableKIT, for making my website better and for your exceptional customer support!” – Devender Singh


In Devender Singh’s search for a more dynamic and engaging website, SociableKIT proved to be the ideal answer. SociableKIT’s widget improved PearlsnPretties’ online presence by integrating his Instagram feed effortlessly, improving the site’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The process was completed quickly and easily thanks to the excellent customer service and ease of use. The success of SociableKIT in bridging the gap between social media and websites is demonstrated by Devender’s tale, which gives businesses the tools they need to reach their audience and navigate the current digital landscape successfully.

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