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Web Summit, launched in 2009 in Dublin, has become the world’s largest tech conference. It has grown to be the biggest tech conference in the world, attracting big names like Elon Musk and Reed Hastings. They have over a million followers, focusing on internet technology innovations and discussions. The conference brings together people from large companies and new startups to share ideas and innovations. It’s a place where technology meets business, driving forward new industry trends and opportunities.


Web Summit faced challenges in showcasing the dynamic and vibrant nature of their event on social media, which limited their ability to engage with a broader audience and maintain excitement around their annual conferences.


Web Summit used the SociableKIT Instagram Hashtag Feed, integrating it into their homepage. This solution displays real-time social media posts from the event, enhancing online visibility and engaging visitors by showing active community participation. It also helped keep the website content fresh and exciting, drawing more attention from potential attendees. This straightforward tool allowed Web Summit to connect with a broader audience, making it easy for anyone to see and feel the event’s buzz.


Using SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed, Web Summit increased its online engagement and website traffic significantly. The live updates showcased the event’s energy, attracting more attendees and increasing registrations. The integration provided continuous content refreshes, keeping the audience engaged and connected to the event happenings in real-time.


SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed successfully boosted Web Summit’s online presence and engagement. The widget supported their goal to widen audience reach effectively, demonstrating its utility in enhancing event experiences through dynamic social media integration.

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